Our impact

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of surveyed mentees indicated that Brightside mentoring influenced their decision-making

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 of surveyed mentees felt that mentoring helped them feel optimistic about the future

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of Brightside mentees from the lowest participation postcodes access Higher Education, compared to a national average of 30% from the same areas

Our impact approach

Our impact approach is underpinned by our Theory of Change, which is based on an extensive review of evidence, consultation with mentoring experts, our own lessons from many years of delivery, and – most importantly – input from young people, their mentors and our partners. It sets out six outcomes that help young people to make confident and informed decisions

Growth mindset: believing your abilities can be developed through hard work

Hope: setting specific goals, and having the flexibility and motivation to achieve them

Self-efficiencyhaving confidence and knowing your strenghts

Coping: dealing with difficulties in a positive way

Human capital: learning specific knowledge and skills

Social capital: knowing people to turn to for advice or support

Our reach

You can find our most up-to-date yearly numbers in our annual impact reports below.


We’ve matched X mentees to a mentor


X mentors have worked with us to support confident and informed decision making

A total of X messages have been sent on our platform


Our long-term tracking data indicates a link between this supported, confident decision-making and good graduate outcomes


Data from HEAT and HESA, for 1,380 Brightside mentees in POLAR4 Q1 who were HE-ready between 2016/17 and 2019/20

Students from the lowest participation and highest deprivation areas who receive Brightside mentoring are twice as likely to access higher education than those who don’t.

They are also more likely to complete their course.

Our most recent project evaluation data shows that


Data from 1,593 mentees who completed projects in 20/21

78% of surveyed mentees indicated that Brightside mentoring had influenced their decision about their next steps

The average change for confidence that the decision was right for them was an increase of 5 percentage points

Of mentees that began their programme feeling “not very” or “not at all” confident in their decision, 79% recorded a positive change in confidence after their mentoring experience

Theory of Change

Developing an evidence-based Theory of Change, which identifies what actions and outcomes will enable us to meet our mission, was a crucial step in committing ourselves to being impact-led.

Our Theory of Change shows that online mentoring supports young people to make confident and informed decisions by developing not only knowledge, skills, and networks but softer skills that foster confidence and motivation.

Impact reports

Our annual impact reports provide insight into what we’re doing and what’s next. You can find out more about how we evaluate impact, how we work with our partners, and the scale and scope of our work.

Impact Report 2021

Take a look at how we did in 2020/21 and how we continued to provide personalised support for young people in a time of great adversity.

Take a look at the first longitudinal analysis of our mentoring programmes

This is a big day for Brightside. We are incredibly proud to publish the results from the first longitudinal analysis of our online mentoring programmes.

15th Anniversary Report

To mark our 15th anniversary in 2018, we created a report to showcase how we reached the milestone of supporting 100,000 since 2003.