Theory of Change

Developing an evidence-based Theory of Change, which identifies what actions and outcomes will enable us to meet our mission, was a crucial step in committing ourselves to being impact-led.

Our Theory of Change shows that online mentoring supports young people to make confident and informed decisions by developing not only knowledge, skills, and networks but softer skills that foster confidence and motivation.


Growth mindset: believing your abilities can be developed through hard work

Hope: setting specific goals, and having the flexibility and motivation to achieve them

Self-efficiencyhaving confidence and knowing your strenghts

Coping: dealing with difficulties in a positive way

Human capital: learning specific knowledge and skills

Social capital: knowing people to turn to for advice or support

We turned to Brightside because they’re well known in the mentoring field for their online intervention. With their strong focus on safeguarding and their platform’s content library of study skills, they were exactly what we were looking for.

Education Liaison and Outreach Manager at Middlesex University

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